Welcome to Horiana Branisteanu

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Hello, dear visitor.

Welcome on the Homepage of an opera singer, lady professor and mentor of song.
Please gather information about my activities, about my life and tutoring from my biograpgy, my opera and concert repertoire, and my Homepage at Mozarteum Salzburg.

You can also find me on Wikipedia and can listen to me on YouTube.

May aktivites at present are:

  • Lady Professor of song (Mozarteum Salzburg).
  • Mentor of song, metal trainee for singers (male and female).
  • Solutions for vocal problems.
  • Rehearsals of new parts for professional singers.
  • Advice on all the aspired capacities.

What may encourage many is the fact that vocal training enables them to reach new horizons in their life.
This particulary concerns all those who work in public, all mothers and fathers who are "vocally drowned" by their family, and all who are constantly frustrated in life, remaining inferior becaause no-one else regards or notices their own wishes.

Considering all my diverse measures of application, I am certain to fully qualify as holistic lady professor of song.

In this capacity I hold master classes, workshops for nonesingers, tutor beginners as well as advanced pupils, and coach singers in their development.