Pedagogic Activities

  • 1972-1976: Working as singing teacher in Lucerne – The main part of her pupils was already engaged at the municipal theatre Lucerne and was sent by the director to deepening of their vocal technique to her.
  •  From 1982: Lessons in the  „Gesangsstudio des Belcanto” of Fr.Miriam Röhrig-Hülskötter in Düsseldorf and in Lucerne for man's-  and woman's voice of all vocational education levels.
  • 1986-1992: Contract Teacher at the Universität Mozarteum Innsbruck for Song, Song Education, Knowledge of Repertory and Chamber Music
  • 1989: Receipt of the title:  „Professor Honoris Causa” durch die Interamerican University of Florida
  • 1989: Receipt of the "Gold medal for special merits in European art and culture" by the „Instituto Europeo di Cultura Popolare e Ambientale“
  • 1992-1995: Guest Professor for Solo Song at the  Mozarteum Salzburg
  •  Ab 1995:  Professor (level A)  for Solo Song at the Mozarteum Salzburg