The Beginning:

•  Born in Galati/ Romania, Swiss and Austrian Citizenship as well as German residence
•  Started piano lessons when she was 8 years-old
•  1960: Graduated from “Gradina Icoanei” No.1 Highschool in Bucharest
•  1960-1965 : Studied at the “C.P. Porumbescu” Music Academy with focus on Voice and Voice Pedagogy.

      Student of:

        -  KS Arta Florescu (Voice)
        -  Elena Dima Toroiman (Voice)
        -  Aurel Alexandrescu (Lied/ Oratorio)
        -  Hero Lupescu (Opera class)
        -  George Balan (Esthetics)
        -  Helmut Plattner (Piano)
        -  Emilia Comisel (Folklore)
        -  Vasile Dinu (Folklore)
        -  Florian Penescu (Theory/ Solfeggio)
        -  Victor Giuleanu (Theory/ Solfeggio)
        -  Ion Serfezi (Theory/ Solfeggio)
        -  Petre Brincusi (Harmony/Counterpoint)

•  1965: Double Stately Examination as Opera and Voice Major
•  1965-1972: Private lessons with Elsa Chioreanu in Belcano technique and Singing Pedagogy

  Further private lessons with:

     -  KS Arta Florescu (Mozart style)
     -  Constantin Stroescu (French style)
     -  Janina Stano (Coloratura Technique)
     -  Miriam Röhrig-Hülskötter (German style and Belcanto technique)
     -  Nicolae Florei (Belcanto technique)